Losing my sense of hearing in « Las FALLAS de Valencia »

Las Fallas de Valencia, a 5-days « local » event in the city of Valencia (East of Spain). I can’t really explain the story of this week, but I know that it is to honour a famous  Saint…

Anyway, we went to this event two weeks ago with my 120 Erasmus friends of Almeria to see what is going on there. Firstly I was pretty surprise to see how big is Valencia, and when you see the outdoor Scientific Museum you understand the weight of the third city of Spain. It is clearly in another category than Almeria, and I like it.

After hanging out for a while in front of this « Museum » with spectacular architectures, we walked along the park to go down town where the shows are ready to start. 1 million people are already there though, which makes the access to the Plaza del Ayutamiento complicated. Here are going to be celebrated la « Mascleta » a sort of… well I don’t even have a word for that. Basically during 5 minutes they explode firecrackers on the main place of the city. We don’t need to take any photo, the noise is enough. The floor, buildings and my body are shaking, and a cloud of thick grey smoke comes recovering the city above the city. Five minutes later we can’t hear anything anymore, but apparently for people from Valencia it’s an authentic moment…

The second part of this day is to see the famous FALLAS, which are kind of big monuments representing cartoons characters, animals or invented people. It took an entire year for the artists to build them with wood, recycled material and polystyrene, some of them are even over 30 meters high. Though at the end of the week the best one will be chosen among 300 others and I did not really understood why but it will be burned as a reward.

The day is not over… we assist, lost of words and under the rain, to unbelievable fireworks, closing a crazy 30-hours day walking, singing, getting lost and loosing our hears. But at the end ALMERIA NUNCA SE RINDE!

Make the most of your time on earth,




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