It is all about the attitude


You don’t have to read this, but for those that do, I’m curious. How do you define your happiness?

I don’t mean to ask this hypothetically.

I honestly want to know what makes you happy. For me, happiness is more of a freedom from worry. I spent a large portion of my 23 years feeling stressed and worried about SOMETHING.

There’s a constant pressure, particularly on the youth, to fall into place in our society. We browse social media and see the highlights of everyone’s life and it can make us feel inadequate if we’re not on par with what our friends are doing. You need to go to college, you need to get a good job, you need more Instagram followers, you need to be rich, you need to be 0% body fat, you need to have 2 to 5 kids, a 300m2 house, a nice car, and a million friends. But even if you have all these things, it’s not enough. Because someone else has more. These frequent comparisons to your vision of « success » can really stress you out.

But here’s the thing… Nobody exists on purpose. You’ve got nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. You’ve won the lottery just by being a living creature on this tiny blue oasis in the vastness of the universe. How cool is it that you’re ALIVE and able to read this right now??

Pretty damn cool if you ask me. So anyways, for myself, it’s an appreciation for the opportunity to be alive and a realization that none of the little negatives will matter in the long run. That’s what keeps me free from worry and that’s what makes me happy.

Now how do you define YOUR happiness?






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